Exclusive: Avani Gregg Is Dropping a Colorful Makeup Collection With Morphe

This just in: digital creator and entrepreneur Avani Gregg is dropping a crazy-colorful collection with Morphe and I just can’t get enough.

The Morphe x Avani collection is now available online and in Morphe stores. It consists of an artistry palette with 20 vivid shades and 10 water-activated eyeliners, a mini gloss set, two bold lip duos, three luminous bronzers and a liquid highlighter that’ll make you glow like never before.

It’s the perfect collection for makeup lovers looking for a neutral look with a pop of color — a.k.a Avani’s signature look.

The packaging of each product is covered in Avani’s personal drawings, which are also etched into the shadow pans and lipstick bullets.

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While Avani Gregg is known for being TikTok’s beauty babe, she’s also a Seventeen cover star, actor and self-taught makeup artist who’s partnered with some of the biggest brands in beauty and fashion. Between hosting her own Facebook Watch series, writing her memoir and creating her exclusive collection with Morphe, how does she balance it all?

She said that although she expected it to be crazy and a lot of work to do, these projects are what she’s been wanting to do, so she was happy — and prepared — to do it all. She even canceled plans with friends to work on her makeup collection because she had so much fun coming up with concepts.

Avani went viral on TikTok for her clown-inspired makeup looks, but when it comes to her day-to-day looks, she keeps things a little more natural. She admitted that she started doing “normal makeup” more recently as she used to mostly do Halloween makeup. When it came to curating her own collection with makeup-powerhouse Morphe, she wanted to incorporate products that she uses in her daily routine.

“I was able to just use all of my makeup knowledge that I’ve collected over the years and turn it into what I want to see on my makeup desk,” Avani said.

morphe x avani collection, morphe, avani gregg tiktok makeup
Morphe Cosmetics

Be it within the For the Bebs Artistry Palette or for each stand-alone product, the shade names were inspired by Avani’s friends and family. One of her favorite shades was named after her manager’s daughter and best friend, Madi.

“I love the color purple, so I put this periwinkle color in there and it’s called ‘Madi Don’t Like’… she hates the color purple,” Avani said (it’s true — she was wearing a lilac hoodie during our interview). She says the dispute is so strong that every time she looks at the color purple, she automatically thinks of Madi.

Avani also shared that she would love to do her whole crew’s makeup with the For the Bebs palette.

“I have not done my friends’ makeup before. Like I [haven’t put makeup on] Nessa and Riley, Lydia, like all my really, really close friends,” she dished. “But I think with the eye shadow palette, I can pull some really good looks, because the shadows blend really well. I think I could come up with really cool looks with their vibes with just this palette.”

morphe x avani collection, avani gregg tiktok makeup, for the bebs artistry palette
Morphe Cosmetics

Her two favorite products in the collection are the Whoa Glow Face and Body Illuminator and the water-activated cake eyeliners within the For the Bebs Artistry Palette. She described Whoa Glow as the perfect product for a no-makeup makeup day (pro tip: apply on the collarbones, shoulders and cheekbones for a gorgeous ✨glow✨).

She is “obsessed” with the cake liners because they’re versatile and cater to everyone — even her boyfriend, Anthony. The rainbow-bright liners have a super versatile formula, so they can be used as liner or even mascara.

“You can use the cake liners as mascara — that’s what I just recently learned,” Avani explained. “I didn’t know that while making the palette, but you add your little brush in there and you just brush it on and then once it dries, it’s the exact color that you see in the palette.”

If you’re ready to rock your next Zoom meeting with purple mascara, look no further than the Morphe x Avani collection.

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